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Moldovan Journal of International Law and International Relations ISSN 1857-1999 E-ISSN 2345-1963

The „Moldavian Journal of International Law and International Relations” was launched in 2006 as an open forum for different, sometimes diametrically opposite points of view on the current state of international law and international relations, acquainting its readers with the views of scientists and experts from different countries, both in the East and the West.

The journal that publishes articles with open access , is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC BY) , accredited in the Republic of Moldova as a scientific publication, is included in the database:

for calculating the journal vizibility and citation index. The journal uses double-blind reviewing — (authors do not know who reviews their paper, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors). Publication is free of charge for all the authors.

Today it is a conceptual journal about various fields of international law and international relations, which became the centre of attraction of creative forces and managed to find its readers, forming around a wide group of authors.

Over the period 2006-2023 more than 700 articles have been published in the journal, by authors from more than 25 countries (The Republic of Moldova - 454, Ukraine - 82, Romania - 61, The Russian Federation - 50, The Slovak Republic - 40, Bulgaria - 10, The Republic of Belarus - 8, The Federal Republic of Germany - 7, Georgia – 7, The French Republic - 6, Greece - 5, Turkey - 5, Azerbaijan - 4, Spain – 3, Tajikistan - 2, Hungary - 2, Poland - 4, Czech Republic – 1, Cuba – 1, Israel – 1, USA - 1, The People's Republic of China - 1, etc.). Spectrum of the issues was as broad as possible. Particular attention is given to coverage of theoretical and practical issues of international law and international relations.

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