Vasilenko I.A. Geopolitics of the modern world

M. Yurait Univ., Bakalavr. Ser. ISBN 978-5-9916-1433-7; 2011.

The second edition of the manual the modern comprises the concept of geopolitics as humanity science with accent on spiritual, emphasis on the spiritual, civilizational and cultural factors, the role and significance of which are amplified under the influence of the information revolution. For the first time in the domestic literature … read more

Dugin A.G. Geopolitics

 M.: Academic Project, Gaudeamus. ISBN 978-5-98426-107-4, 978-5-8291-1297-4; 2011.
Textbook „Geopolitics” summarizes the major trends, tendencies and schools of modern geopolitics. The book provides a detailed overview of the theoretical and scientific origins of geopolitics, the process of formation of different schools – Anglo-Saxon, Eurasian and coast school. … read more

Baryshev A.P. Modern U.S. and NATO strategy in the context of national security of Russia

 Moscow: OGI (United Humanitarian Publishing House). ISBN 978-5-94282-637-6; 2011.

The monograph examines the latest military-political attitudes of the Obama administration and NATO, reflected in the National Security Strategy of Nuclear Doctrine, the National Military Strategy U.S., NATO’s Strategic Concept and other documents, as well as in the speeches … read more

Implementation of international law into national legislation of the Republic of Moldova

Red. -Coord. Alexandru Burian. Ch.: CEP USM, 2011. 304 p. ISBN 978-9975-71-131-9.

The work is the result of scientific research aspect by collaborators International Law and International Relations Department of the Institute of History, State and Law of Moldavian Academy of Sciences during the years 2006-2010 the institutional project „Building the rule of state of law and the cultural and historical heritage of Moldova in the context of European integration”. … read more